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Frank Gehry‘s residential skyscraper, New York by Gehry, is nearly complete.

The rippling stainless steel exterior covers three faces of the tower and creates bay windows for some of the 903 apartments inside.

The 265 metre-high tower is now the eighth tallest building in New York and the tallest residential building in the Western Hemisphere.



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Above image is copyright Gehry Partners, LLP

Here is some more text from the developers:

At 870 feet tall, New York by Gehry is the tallest residential tower in the Western Hemisphere and a singular addition to the iconic Manhattan skyline.

For his first residential commission in New York City, master architect Frank Gehry has reinterpreted the design language of the classic Manhattan high-rise with undulating waves of stainless steel that reflect the changing light, transforming the appearance of the building throughout the day. Gehry’s distinctive aesthetic is carried across the interior residential and amenity spaces with custom furnishings and installations.

Above image is copyright Gehry Partners, LLP

Gehry’s innovative incorporation of bay windows creates the tower’s dynamic silhouette as well as an exceptional variety of panoramic views from within the residences. By shifting the bay windows from floor to floor and tailoring their configuration for each residence, Gehry has given residents the opportunity to, as he puts it, “step into space.”